FitRight 6-Day Shredder!

It’s time to get your body conditioned with 6 days straight of intense workouts and a clean, structured nutrition outline designed to help shed pounds and get LEAN QUICK! This program is designed for Men and Women that need something quick and effective to get them on the FAST track to Fitness, Health and Results! This is a full-body workout circuit focusing on movement, strength and endurance. A method using High Intensity Interval Training, (HIIT) and large movement exercises specific for all major muscle groups to get the most calorie burning and muscle building needed for that lean and shredded look.
With this program you’ll receive 6 different workouts, which require just 30 minutes a day. Each workout progresses you daily, pushing you to go harder and get results FASTER!

Along with the workouts, you’ll know what to eat and when, while keeping your body energized and ready for each workout. This allows increased recovery to maximize muscle gains and lose fat for that ideal shredded look you’re going for.

Keep in mind this is a program to get your body going from start to finish. A strict following is required for the desired effect. After the 6 days, you’ll have your 7th day for rest and recovery and you’ll surely need it. Afterwards, you can jump back on the FitRight 6-Day Shredder as often as needed.

If you want additional consultations or need to talk directly for guidance, set up a Skype session at a low cost and go over the workouts or nutrition plan with James personally.

Got 6 days? Got 30 minutes a day? Then its time to get FIT the RIGHT way with a FitRight 6-Day Shredder!

Programs start at just $35.00!
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