FItRight 6

FitRight 6 is an online training system designed to reach a specific fitness goal safely and promptly. With the understanding that the body is to be worked in all planes of motion, FitRight 6 works on postural alignment with mobility and strength to create the highest level of fitness while training to decrease pain and prevent injury. Rather than breaking down the components of fitness into separate workouts like most training methods, this training system is designed for each fitness module to complement each other. Too often clients are instructed by their trainers to do something in the beginning that may be important, but can also take too long while not actually helping them get to the goal they have in mind. Other times movements and workouts are too complicated or stressing that it’s too much to comprehend and also can be too impactful on the joints which can cause injuries later and actually lead to frustration, poor health and reduced fitness levels. This training system was designed for anyone to do the workouts anywhere with as little equipment as a pair of dumbbells, a resistance band and a medicine ball.The workouts are designed with all levels of fitness in mind, whether you’re just getting into it or you’re out to work your body to the fullest!
FitRight 6 leads to faster results in a shorter period of time. If someone has a realistic goal in mind, it is achievable. The method isn’t to always separate each component of fitness, but to allow each to work together for a balanced body, thus achieving the following Six Benefits: BETTER Posture, MORE Energy, GREATER Strength, REDUCED Body fat, INCREASED Flexibility and a LARGER value on Life!
It’s not about just getting FIT, it’s about getting Fit the RIGHT way!

  • 6 Benefits of HEALTH!
  • 6 Components of FITNESS!
  • 6 Workouts done ANYWHERE!


6Plans for your SPECIFIC needs

Though FitRight 6 is designed to help increase all areas of fitness, there are specific factors that people want addressed more than others. While still using the components for all areas, each of these separate workouts will be structured to the individual. These 6 different workouts were created for those that aren’t sure which path to take.

Scroll over each plan to see it’s benefits.


Focus is to achieve a smaller and defined body with weight and body fat loss as the primary goal.

Gain strength with primary pulling and pressing movements involving the whole body.

Work muscle groups to specifically develop what is needed for a balanced physique while achieving a more athletic build.

Primarily working to correct the weak areas along with the tight limitations to help you move better and be more upright.

It’s all about energy here! Gain more mobility and breathe better and feel more oxygen getting into your body.

Primarily based on movement and flexibility to gain more range of motion and take stress of the neck, back and hips.

Workouts can be purchased individually or as a package. Contact for prices and special rates. You will receive your workout after a 10 min complimentary Skype session to meet with James personally to discuss the workout along with any limitations you may have. Set up your Skype session appointment by contacting James after purchasing your FitRight 6 Workout. Contact James to sign up NOW